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What You Need To Know About Resurfacing Tile Floor?

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What You Need To Know About Resurfacing Tile Floor?


The resurfacing process gives a new look or an update without replacing the entire floor. If you hire a professional, it appears as though you purchased brand-new tile flooring. Do you know anything about kitchen refinishing? The idea is the same: renovating your kitchen for a third of the time and cost of a full kitchen remodel. Concrete refinishing is another example of resurfacing tile floors. It removes or replaces the worn surface layer before recoating or reglazing your garage concrete, making the surface look like a brand-new commercial showroom. 

Can You Resurface Tile Floors?

Depending on certain situations, homeowners can resurface the tile floor. Floor tile resurfacing is a good idea for those who need more money. However, if you go with resurfacing tile floors, there are ifs and buts. Remember, not all types of floor tiles are resurfaced. Natural stone surfaces cannot withstand the resurfacing process. You may also lose the color of the surface, which might be slightly different from the rest of the floor and walls. Resurfacing tile floor requires a professional or a company to perform it.

Benefits of Resurfacing Tile Floor

Little To No Demolition

Tile floor resurfacing involves little to no demolition in the process. Apart from replacing damaged tiles, the floor can remain in its current location. In a complete replacement plan, every tile is destroyed and removed, and then the entire system is redone, tile by tile.

Long-Term Styling Solution

In addition to grouting, priming, and enamel, a skilled contractor or company handling your tile floor refinishing will employ top-notch cleaning solutions and refinishing materials. Many brand-new, long-lasting tile designs, finishes, and colors are available. You can choose any design and budget.

Money Saving

Although prices differ from location to location within the county, you should anticipate spending less than half as much as you would for a brand-new tile floor. You can save money on the labor-intensive Rip & Replace process and the price of new tile.

Resurfacing Tile Floor Process


The tile floor resurfacing process requires proper preparation of the tiles—clean tiles to remove any grease or dirt. Use a cleaning solution to scrub the tiles and wash them with clean water. After cleaning the tiles, repair any cracks with a suitable filler and leave it to dry.


A unique coating is applied to the tiles during the resurfacing process to give them a fresh look. Usually made of two parts, epoxy or polyurethane, this coating is applied to the tiles using a roller or brush. Apply the first layer evenly and thinly, and let it dry before applying the second coat. After it dries completely, you may move on to the final step.


Once the second coat is dried, sand the tiles with fine-grit sandpaper to smooth rough edges. Wipe away any leftover dust or debris with a fresh, moist cloth. To preserve the freshly applied finish, apply a clear topcoat. Wait for this topcoat to dry completely before using the area.

Maintenance of Resurfaced Tiles

The resurfacing tile floor process requires maintenance for long-term results. Follow the standard guidelines to ensure the tiles look great for years.

Regular Cleaning

Maintaining a resurfaced floor requires regular cleaning for durability. Cleaning helps keep the tiles’ original look and stops dirt and grime accumulation. The following tips can help you clean resurfaced floors.

  • To clean the tiles, use warm water and a mild detergent.
  • Use scrubbers or cleaners to scratch the tiles.
  • After washing, wipe the tiles dry to avoid water stains.

Repairing Minor Damages

Although resurfacing the tile floor is durable, damage is still possible. Fixing minor damages is always a good option. If there are minor chips or cracks, use a tile repair kit to fill up the damaged area. Pay close attention to the instructions on the kit. If repairing isn’t enough, replace the damaged tiles. To assist with this, get in touch with an expert.

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Resurfacing tile floors enables homeowners to give their floors a new appearance. Hire a professional to assess whether your floor can be resurfaced. The process is a cost-effective way to improve your floor and requires little to no demolition for results. Homeowners often resurface their floors to attract potential customers. Floor tile resurfacing is suitable for those who can’t afford to replace the tiles on the floor.

Ceramic tile refinishing is more affordable and time-efficient than ceramic tile replacement. This makes it a far superior choice.

After covering the existing tiles with a thin layer of material, homeowners can avoid paying installation fees and the expense of buying new tiles.

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